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Kateriina. 15 years breathing. I like anime, asian dramas, shopping, chucks, collectibles, foods, bands, make-ups, designing, hoodies, music, and lastly, PARAMORE. You'll have a problem with me if you're a poser, cheater, bitch, boastful, nonsense, and knows nothing but LOVE. It's just a little introduction about me. I am moody, and you'll know me more you'll have time to chat with me. :)
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Just got home.

Oh! I really mean that I’m gone for so long that I wasn’t able to update my blog. Well, I’m just busy reading some manga and watching anime. :P And oh! Last Thursday, we have our Graduation Picture. Hu-hu. I really hate that word, but on the other side, I love it. Know why? I hate it because I’m gonna leave my Highschool life which is the best for me. Then I love it because, of course, my mama won’t work too much because imma help her with my super-fabulous-talent! Well, I don’t have a talent. Just watching anime and reading mangas. xD J.K. But I really hope that even though I’m busy with my college life, I can still do what I usually do. Sounds impossible? Then forget about studying. Just enjoy Anime. Ha-ha! And guess what, I am planning to be a mangaka someday. Ha-ha! In my dreams! x]] Well, I always crave for the impossible. I know that someday, it will happen. There are no stupid dreams, except for my dreams. Well, just mind you own business. I don’t care of what you think because even though you don’t tell me face to face that I’m crazy, I am still and always be crazy. Live with it, freak. Ha-ha! Well, I didn’t mean to find any trouble here. It’s just that, my head and hands are acting on its own that it turn out with a f*ckin’ post. Then, sorry about that. :D

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