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Kateriina. 15 years breathing. I like anime, asian dramas, shopping, chucks, collectibles, foods, bands, make-ups, designing, hoodies, music, and lastly, PARAMORE. You'll have a problem with me if you're a poser, cheater, bitch, boastful, nonsense, and knows nothing but LOVE. It's just a little introduction about me. I am moody, and you'll know me more you'll have time to chat with me. :)
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Nightmare, who knows?

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I once had this dream, maybe last week or just this weekend, about my teeth falling out. I thought that it was just nothing. Then this afternoon, while chatting with my friends, I told them about that dream. And then they were shocked to hear it because they said that it was a bad sign. Well, a sign that somebody close to will die. (knock, knock, knock) So, upon knowing it, my tears started to cloud my eyes. So nervous about what that dream really means. But, I manage to control it. So, my friend told me to search the meaning of it. Of course I did, for being nervous like this, there’s no way I’ll let my questions be blown with the wind. Haa! NO-NO!! And so, these are the results:

Teeth - Normally an unfavorable sign in a dream. It signifies displeasure and also shows that you are afraid of losing someone dear to you.

This classic dream has a number of interpretations. It can literally mean that you are frightened of losing your teeth. It can show the beginning of a new phase of life just as we lose our teeth when we pass from early childhood and head towards adulthood. You may be worried about your self image or the dream may signify unexpressed anxiety.

There are more here. Ahh! Posting it here will make this longer. I don’t want to bore you, even if you’re bored now. Haa. Bye!

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