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Silence. I'm Cryng.

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Uhm, excuse me. This post may be dangerous for the following people:
- For the people who haven’t finished Code Geass R2 yet
- For the people who hate Code Geass
- For the people who keep watching it but on the same time, insulting it
This post contains my opinion about the anime after I’ve finished watching it.

I’ve finished watching Code Geass Season 1 last summer vacation. And now, I’ve just finished the season 2. I love watching it not just because Lelouch is cool but because of the flow of the story. You know, I’m not that interested in romance, also in mecha and sci-fi. But that won’t matter if the story is really awesome.

There are four, no, three ladies linked with Lelouch/Zero: C.C., Shirley & Karen. (I exclude Kaguya since there are no sweet scenes between Lelouch and her) C.C., maybe I should exclude her here also, but no, it’s not gonna happen. I somewhat like her. I don’t know why. Maybe because she has the personality of being silent. Karen? Uhm, maybe she’s okay too, because she is so great in piloting the Knightmare, The Order of the Black Knight’s Ace. Her relationship with Lelouch is fine with me. I hate Shirley, badly. Sorry for the people who likes her to be Lelouch’s partner, but there is a feeling of annoyance in me whenever they are being teased or there are scenes of the two of them. C.C. kissed Lelouch, fine. Karen kissed Lelouch, it’s a farewell kiss, its okay. Shirley kissed Le… wtf! Enough. You must know why I don’t like her.

The ending… Oh my! The ending!!! I really have to shed a 5 minutes "crying moment" over this ending. Lelouch did all those bad things in exchange of dying. AND! Only some people knew the truth. Even though it’s the Geass fault, (when a person gains the power of Geass, he will obtain loneliness in the end) he never get mad at C.C. He sacrificed his life to his first friend, Suzaku, who hated him so much because he killed Suzaku’s Euphy.

And now, I just can’t take looking at Lulu’s smiling face because I can’t stop my eyes clouding with tears. Haa.

Oh! I was about to be contented about the ending. But I become puzzled at the very last scene. The one when C.C. is talking to herself, uhm, before that. The man who was driving the farm cart, he looks suspicious. Hoho. And I’ve heard some gossips,
“According to Megami magazine, Sunrise Code Geass team hinted a possible new anime of "Code Geass - Hangyaku no Lelouch" in the interview.
Sunrise Code Geass Team said:
As we keep on telling you, "Even though Lelouch died(?), Geass lives on."
We've already put an end to the series but we're hoping for making something more. In the near future, we may be able to announce something new.”
Ooh-la-la! That gossip makes me happy. After crying a river, there will be a penalty. Haa! I wish this gossip is true.

Watching it is never a waste for me, even though sometimes the story seems puzzling me. Well, that’s what you call thrill. It’ll be boring without it. I don’t really get it why people on the forums are getting mad about that. If you hate an anime, don’t watch it! Anime is the best inspiration for a person like me. Whether it is the anime or the story you hate, stop talking nonsense about it, you’re hurting me. :P

Oh my, I still have to finish more anime. I wish those anime won’t be tragic like this one. Or else, I’ll have to cry over it again.

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