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Kateriina. 15 years breathing. I like anime, asian dramas, shopping, chucks, collectibles, foods, bands, make-ups, designing, hoodies, music, and lastly, PARAMORE. You'll have a problem with me if you're a poser, cheater, bitch, boastful, nonsense, and knows nothing but LOVE. It's just a little introduction about me. I am moody, and you'll know me more you'll have time to chat with me. :)
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Why Should I Care?

Mood: Sleepy
Music: Pressure

Well, well. I’ve changed my header. But as you can see, it’s messy again. I really don’t know how to make a neat layout. So please bear with it. It’s just a pastime to edit pictures of Paramore so I ended up editing my own blog header with their pictures. It’s not that adorable but that’s not what I’m expecting to have. I just love their pictures. If I can put all of their pictures there, I will do it. But of course, that’ll take me a sleepless night or a week to finish it. And I don’t want that to happen. Haa!

And now, I haven’t visited all my friends’ blogs lately. But of course, I’m able to visit some of them because they’re tagging me, then I left a comment on their latest posts, and then visit some other blogs from their list. It’s fun, though somehow annoying when you discover something....

Maybe link-exchange is a good thing. But be a responsible blog-friend. I can’t blame those people who lost their links list while changing their layout. But I can’t take those who deleted me from their links then get an IDEA from my blog. Whew! Can’t imagine those people exist! I really want to kill that person. Well, that’s my last post all about. I’ve blurted it out on plurk last time. Soooo, I won’t get mad anymore! Why should I care? People without ORIGINALITY are worthless, right? Agree with me or else, you are no friend of mine. :P

Ahh! I really feel sleepy. I even want to put an anime picture here but I have no time to edit it. -__- Well, that’s all for the meantime. Bye!

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