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The Gory Family Day

Mood: Bored
Music: Moment of Truth

Aww. It’s the family day. Everyone was asked to wear RED for this day, but I didn’t. Actually, I was supposed to wear a red personalized t-shirt. But my friend didn’t have it for me. I’ve wasted my time editing what I will put in the t-shirt. Ohh. So, I wore a pink t-shirt then put on my gray-polka-reversible-shirt, because it will look better with it.

We have the mass in the morning, then some programs, and then feast time! There’s too much food. I can’t put it all on my plate. We’re sitting under the sun. So I then lost my appetite to eat more. We took some pictures but I can’t actually use my camera because the shutter is broken. What a poor girl. I’m getting bored so I listen to my ipod with my friend, Francis. We were sitting at the front of our classroom and we forgot to watch the presentation of the teachers. Ohh.

At lunchtime, I felt like not going home so I asked Francis and Karen to eat at McDo. We enjoyed it, even we’re just three. Haha. McDo is just a few distance away from our house so I requested them to come with me so I can change my top. It’s getting hot and I was wearing double shirts. Haa. This time, I wore a violet one. I really don’t have a red shirt. Poor me.

The rest of the afternoon was also boring. Ahh. When we arrived at school, the BINGO was already starting. I sold my bingo cards to my friend, Precious, because I was really feeling bored and i have no interest on playing, and then I sat beside Patricia. She had 4 cards on her hand so I borrowed one to kill my boredom. The card is a trash. x] Didn’t even get too much numbers, and when I’m so close at winning, one of my seatmates will need the same number as mine. Oh. So unlucky. We then went to the canteen but it’s still boring. After a few moments, the stage is now open and we stand by there and took pictures. Ahh… Boring. Boring! BORING! I want to go home already but we still have to practice for the kutilyon. Oh my.

Pictures!! :)

I keep on saying this day is boring but I am somehow sad about it. Graduation is getting sooner. This family day will be the last one with my batchmates. Ohhh!! I am exhausted. BYE!

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