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Kateriina. 15 years breathing. I like anime, asian dramas, shopping, chucks, collectibles, foods, bands, make-ups, designing, hoodies, music, and lastly, PARAMORE. You'll have a problem with me if you're a poser, cheater, bitch, boastful, nonsense, and knows nothing but LOVE. It's just a little introduction about me. I am moody, and you'll know me more you'll have time to chat with me. :)
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My Last Junior-Senior Promenade

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Music: Tonight by FM Static

Hmm. I never thought that I’ll have a post about this annoying prom. But, hmpf, whatever!

I haven’t taken too much picture this time because my camera was in a total mess! It’s totally broken again. So, the pictures that I’ve taken can’t be helped. I’ll just tell the story if I really have to. But, what can I do? I’m feeling lazy again. Haa! Anyhey, I’ll keep the story flowing. This will be on present tense. Hoho.

Its 3:30 and I am almost late. I still have to go at Patricia’s house to wear my dress. I’m getting irritated because it’s too hot and the make-up on my face is already drifting. And so, here I am at Patricia’s residence and I immediately run into their bathroom to dress up. I am all ready and we were rushing up to their revo. We still have to pick Jazze & Kris before going to the venue. It’s still hot. Hot enough to make me more pissed. Here we are, at the front of a restaurant named Chefoo. Getting all nervous and ashamed. I really want to go home immediately, run into the bathroom to erase my make-up, bash the door of my room, take my clothes off, change into my pajamas and cover myself on my blanket to sleep this early just to forget what is actually happening this time. But, that would be impossible. We are now entering the entrance of the Chefoo and most of the eyes of everyone are at us. “What do I do? What do I do?”, my mind shouts. Some of them are taking pictures and here I am, with eyebrows meeting each other.

We’re waiting for about an hour now. And I became more annoyed. They said the program will start at exactly 4:00pm. But it’s actually a few minutes before 5:00pm now. Duh?!

And so, the program finally starts. We, the cotillioners, will be walking through another entrance. And guess what, we are the first pair to walk through the entrance after the non-contillioners are done with their own entrances. Thank God it will be by batch so I’m not that nervous. I’m getting energy to take pictures now. My partner also asks me to have a picture of the two of us and I agree, of course. Some of the cotillioners are also taking pictures but I am feeling lazy again to join them. So I’m staying at my line watching the others’ entrances.

The time is running out. Sooner or later, it will be our turn. I can feel my heartbeat starting to pound faster every second. “It will be over soon. After this entrance, it will be over. So relax, please…” I really don’t know what to do. I keep on saying words that even me, can’t understand.

Finally, it’s the contillioners’ turn. Relax, Katrina. Relax, please. Smile and walk with your back straight. I am now standing at the front of everyone’s eyes. Suddenly, my Number (placed on a blank CD) fall off. Oh my, what should I do?! I happen to meet the eyes of Mrs. Young, (my Filipino teacher) and she is saying something that I understand instantly. ‘Ask my partner to pick it up’ is what she is asks me to do. Gratefully, he also understands it right away. “Thanks”. A simple word that all I can say this exact moment to my teacher and my partner. It’s time to take a sit now. Whew! It’s over. But, definitely not. We still have to do a special production number which is giving me more worries because of my high heels. I’m not used wearing high heels because I am already tall enough that I always wear flats. And so, this is the programme’s list which is boring. Haa! Certainly.
Invocation - Erika Pueblo
Welcome Address - Mark Lacson
Inspirational talk - Sr. Ma. Flora Silvero A.R
JS Message - Sr. Briggette Parba A.R.
Bequeathal Speech – Stephanie Mae Encarnacion
Acceptance Speech – Minette Angelica Sto. Tomas
Bequeathal and Acceptance
Ceremony - 3rd yr (Next in Line) and 4th yr (Friends Forever) Students
Presentation of Mr. and Ms. JS 2008
Last Will and Testament - Fay Paredes
Special Production Numbers
  • 3rd yr Students – Candyman
  • 4th yr Students - Sway
  • Pasa Doble
  • Faculty Production Number
Announcement of Winners
Closing Remarks - Hillary Gaspar
programme list: patricia

I am not actually listening while this program’s going on. I am busy playing Vortex at my ipod. My seatmates, Joaquin and Cedric (I don’t know their full name), are watching me playing. They’re also feeling bored and so my partner, Joaquin is now playing a game on his phone.

I am feeling hungry. My tummy’s now begging for its yummies. I hold up my spoon&fork and keep on tapping it on the table. Fortunately, this program is soon to end and my tummy can hear it already. We just need to pray first and thank God for the wonderful food that we’re going to receive. And then, finally, it’s time to eat! I have a really full plate and I feel shy about others can see that I am greedy. But no worries, I know that nobody will notice, or should I say, I’ll imagine that nobody will notice. Haha! Done eating. I am feeling full now. Just like my tummy is saying, “Please, oh please. It’s already full down here. Stop dropping foods now” Haha! Just kidding. Then, thinking that my tummy is crying now, I decide to stop finishing my food. I am letting myself forget that I promised to eat more food so that my P600 won’t be wasted.

A few more moments passed. One of our teachers grab the mic and say, “Ladies and gentlemen, the dance floor is now all yours” then the bright lights is changed into colorful ones. Then the first song suddenly shocks me, but in a good way. It’s Tonight by FM Static. I am enjoying the song with my friends even on my seat. Later on, my friend, Kris, asks me to go to where her mother and brother are, and we stay and chit-chat there for a moment. It’s good that I’m a little close to her mother and her brother is fun to talk with. Then, Kris says that she’ll be going home by 9:30pm. Hmm? But why? We then go back to where our friends are, and then I unintentionally sit beside Kuya Kim. I ask him why he is not yet dancing, and he reply to me that he will not dance with the other girls until he haven’t danced the girl that he likes, Kris. What an adoring guy. The music keeps on playing until I didn’t notice that it’s already passed 9:30pm. So Kris tells us that she is leaving. I immediately tell her to dance with Kuya Kim but she is refusing because her mother might see them. But I still insist her to dance with him. I even put my hands together and beg her just to do it. I tell them that I will hide them at the back. Fortunately, she now agrees. The song that they are dancing is now done. Kris is taking her leave. I can see both happiness and worries on Kuya Kim’s face. But it is a relief for me. Well then, it’s my time to have fun now.

I really didn’t plan to dance because I don’t have any boy that I like at the prom. Haa! Suddenly, my partner is now asking me to dance, but I refuse. I just want to be with my friends. But, as later goes on, I feel sympathy for my partner. Haha! Not actually sympathy, but I feel like ‘refusing’ is the sad part. A few songs have passed. I now see him walking with his friend, (also my friend) Matthew, towards me, approaching me to dance. I then refuse and tell him “I still haven’t danced my partner yet. He was the first one who asked me so I should dance him first” (this was said in tagalog, of course) He agrees. And now, I am dancing with my partner, Joaquin, and we are talking about some things. The song is now about to finish. I can see Matthew walking towards us and as the song ends, he is now the one at the front of me. It’s been so long since we last talk with each other so it took us ‘four straight songs’ until I decide to ex-change partner with my friend, Precious. Her partner is the very lovable Michael Paul Gapate. Haha! (Lovable?!) We continue ex-changing partners. Most of these guys are my classmates and friends. There are just few of them who aren’t my closed friends so I felt little shy. Thank God they’re nice and they are talking with me even if I’m a little nonsense to talk with. Haa! I am getting tired. Maybe it’s just a sacrifice about the computer matter. I almost haven’t taken a seat yet because most of the time, I am at the dance floor. It’s not slow dance all the time, of course. So, after dancing with the guys, I am now having fun dancing with my friends with these party songs. Afterwards, slow dance are up again. There are still some guys approaching this ugly-fat-boring girl. Kuya Kim is also thanking me while we are dancing and he tells me that he will pay back for what I did earlier. And then I reply, “Money will be okay” Haha! Time is being drained swiftly. It will be slow dance now until midnight. Matthew again approaches me to dance. And sorry to say, xD he is my last dance.

I am still regretting the prom night. Oh, because everything annoyed me. It’s not a waste at all but there are things that I am really regretting until now. Just like the food that I wasn’t able to finish because I was already full, my dress which I really hate so much, my make-up which costs P400, the dances which I really don’t want to have, my camera which is broken, and lastly, the time of being apart to my computer. I don’t know why prom is not so special for me while others love it so much. Maybe it’s because my crush isn’t there. Well, he’s already a 4th year ‘college’ student so what would I expect most?

Well, because of the reason that I don't have photo's to put here, I'll be back after grabbing some from my friends. Hm.. What more? Woah, more?! This is already too long! Hoho. But, while I am reading this post, i came to notice that I am not good in writing in the present. I still have to use past tense. Haha! It's just a try, though. Well, I am now feeling sleepy, too. So, gotta go! Bye!

Here are the songs I can remember that was played in the prom. I'll add more as soon as I remember them. yeah!

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