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Kateriina. 15 years breathing. I like anime, asian dramas, shopping, chucks, collectibles, foods, bands, make-ups, designing, hoodies, music, and lastly, PARAMORE. You'll have a problem with me if you're a poser, cheater, bitch, boastful, nonsense, and knows nothing but LOVE. It's just a little introduction about me. I am moody, and you'll know me more you'll have time to chat with me. :)
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Something Impossible

Mood: Daydreaming
Music: So Much More

Today, (or should I say...) this morning, I was awake by the call of my aunt outside our house. *no, she's not calling me.* Even though my eyes are open, my mind is still dreaming. It was a dream that I've never expected. It really made me happy. But, this time... while writing this post, I already forgot what actually happened on that dream. *actually, I first wrote this blog on a notebook, then I am retyping it now* I tried so hard remembering it but, it's no use. Fortunately, I can still remember why this dream makes me happy. Because, it's Zhi Shu & Xiang Qin. Well, I know that when I watch something for the whole day then think about it before I sleep, there's a possibility that I will dream about it. And, I did. Hoho. So, whatever. I will be the only one who'll understand this feeling.

But... I think that you should also understand the feeling that when you are craving for something impossible, you will feel happy even though it just happened in your dream. And I feel great about this dream because it's impossible. ohh. I'm sorry if my explanation sucks. :P

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