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Summer? What’s That?

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Ohh. It’s another mumbo jumbo post. Pshhh. I’m bored, EXTREMELY bored. And I hate staying at home because it’s too hot! Inside or outside my room, it’s still the same. I wanna lock myself beside the aircon, but, no thanks. Because anytime, it might rain again and it will cover up every place with *somewhat* coldness.

Ohh! I can’t feel the vacation, I mean, it’s summer dude! But I’m with my computer all day long! Good thing that yesterday was the distribution of cards. I get to see my old school, schoolmates, friends, and of course, HIM. [Oh com’on! Move ON!] *sigh* This ‘guy’ is the other reason of my boredom. I can’t do what I want because of thinking of him. (like watching anime and asian dramas or like editing some pictures for my creations) Urgh! Forget it. At least I was able to forget him for quite some time yesterday because I was hanging out with my friends. It’s been so long since we were together.

Now, now. I’m not having serious posts these past few days. I feel so lazy editing some pictures even just for my posts. And I also feel nervous surfing the net because of this so called April-watteburr-virus. It is said that once it hits your computer, it will take away all your files, like, it will mysteriously disappear. *how creepy* I don’t know if this is true because my friends said that they saw it on the news. Ohh. I’ve got to upload my pictures and videos now, right away! But… I’m still bored. I wish I could cut off this sickness.

Before we actually have our vacation, I made this plan, my summer vacation list activities. And here is it! Haa! I wish I didn’t forget anything. *cross fingers*
-Watch 25 Asian Dramas *oye!*
-Watch 50 anime
-Read 30 manga or more
-Less than 5 outings :P
-Save my money (to buy stuffs)
-EK/Star City
-Upload all the pictures and videos
-Level up in more games online
-Watch 3,000 videos on youtube
-Edit my layouts
-Play games in my PSP (it’s a must! I haven’t used it ever! xD)
-Update my accounts

So, as you can see, most of the activity plan has to do with my computer. It is vacation and it’s harder for me to save my allowance, so I must stay at home for the sake of MONEY. It is like there will be no summer for me.

Maybe, I’ll just edit this post to put the anime picture. Haa.
Argh. My favicon isn’t working! What the heck is goin’ on?!

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