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Confessions of a Junior to his Senior.

March 20, 2009

Mood: Speechless / Shocked
Music: The Quiet by We the Kings

Lately, a friend of mine keep on bothering me with some goosebump-ing questions. It's about my last dance in our JS Prom, if you have read my JS PROM post. This boy never gave me a problem so we're still friends. But, where did this boy came from?

We're friends since I was in junior high and he was a sophomore. He first sent me a message asking if he could be my friend, and I agreed. He said that I am funny to talk with that's why he want to be friends with me. We shared many things with each other on texts. We even call each other 'Kptd' (kapatid). We've last being friends up until now without even talking with him at school because I don't want to be a topic of the gossipers.

And so, our lives were peaceful back then, but then became ruined. He was asking for help from my not-too-close-friend. But even this not-too-close-friend can't do anything about it. She was actually asking about my feelings for this guy but it is more likely that she wants this boy to be *my guy*. And she is so demanding. So I told her that I'll just talk with him to settle the problem. But, me myself don't even know if that's true.

After the training at the afternoon, I figured out that I didn't do what I said to the *not-too-close-friend*. And I didn't felt guilty at all. (I am so NUMB)

So when I got home, I turned on my computer and waited till it finished loading,(until the YM is open). I didn't expect that he is online because it's so rare to see his name without an *I'm Mobile* or *I'm on SmS* something beside it. Then, he immediately buzzed me after seeing my OL status, and we started chatting. At first, he was asking what *not-too-close-friend* and me talked about.I never answered him directly coz I somehow forgot what I have to reply. Then he suddenly said that he .............. loves me!!! FTWTF!? Note: I didn't put the exact words and even what we wrote because that'll be out of my privacy. So I asked him why. He answered me in the way that is hard for me to understand. I really don't know what to answer him. My mind is all blank,(but was actually thinking about other *guy*). So, i tried to change the topic and find a way to make an excuse and sign out.

It's over! Our friendship was ruined! I've told him that I don't want to have a boyfriend but he insisted and said that he'll wait. Ohh. And now, i'm out of order. I don't know how to face him. I don't what to say. Argh!

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